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"Diet combined with proper training is very important. I found that Foodizm meals are very healthy and well balanced. Since, I know the guys behind Foodizm, I can always get complimentary meals as and when I want ;) I wish them the very best :) Cheers Foodizm !!!"
- John Abraham (Bollywood Actor)

"We are made to believe that Indian food can only be cooked with tonnes of oil, however I was surprised when I had one of Foodizm meals, despite having very less oil in it, the food still managed to retain the flavour and aroma that Indian food is known for. So I think it's a great concept and it will go a long way."
- Sohail Khan (Bollywood Actor)

"Brilliant Concept. The food was amazing and perfectly balanced in terms of calorie count. All the best Foodizm. Way to go. Cheers and Thanks."
- Reteish Deshmukh (Bollywood Actor)"

"I loved the food. It was really healthy and delicious at the same time. I loved the concept. The food is indeed very very tasty. I recommend you all to try their meals. All the best Foodizm. Thank You. Really Impressed. :) "
- Ashish Chaudhary (Bollywood Actor)

"I loved the food. Thank you ! Really impressed."
- Taran Adarsh (Bollywood Critic)

"Very Good. Will spread the word. :) "
- Viveck Vaswani (Bollywoord Actor & Director)