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My Journey

Being an avid fitness aficionado and a hardcore Non Vegetarian for most of my life, I have always enjoyed my eggs, meat and sea food and had enough reasons to continue eating it such as to fulfill my Protein requirement and that my taste buds really loved it. A part of me always wanted to give it all up for spiritual and ethical reasons, but I just couldn't bring myself to do so. The delectable taste of meat or the thought of juicy burgers or the aroma of a Grilled fish or the health benefits of Sushi and Chicken always kept me from making that ever so challenging decision. However, it was in the summer of 2015, when after a lot of thinking and introspecting, something dawned on me and one fine day I decided to quit eating meat. Soon I became a Pescatarian and my family and friends couldn't cope up with this new Sai that I had become. Months later I decided to become a Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, I wasn't just going to show mercy to one set of animals, whilst relishing on the other kind. Who knows, someday I might even become a complete vegetarian or a Vegan.

During this transformation, my biggest concern was not being able to complete my daily Protein intake and that I might lose my muscles and sheen and all that jazz. However, soon enough I proved myself wrong. I discovered so many Vegetarian sources of Protein and not only has it made a difference to me externally, but I also feel immensely at peace internally. I became a Vegetarian for spiritual, ethical and health reasons and in my own little way, I believe that I am trying and acting in the interest of the environment and animal welfare. I am proud to have become a Vegetarian and even though owing to commercial factors and growing demand, we offer Non Veg food as well under our brand, we believe in educating people on the benefits of a Vegetarian lifestyle.

Sai Gundewar