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Catering by Foodizm

Our philosophy is to provide healthy and delicious meals to anyone and everyone who is within our reach and is willing to go that extra mile in leading a healthy dietary lifestyle. In saying that, we do not limit ourselves to delivering individually packaged meals (Tiffins), but also have the option to cater buffet service to the corporates. Why just the suits! We are also happy to be a part of your birthdays, christening, parties for any reason, house warming, events, Ad/TV/film shoots, launches, cater for your wedding/reception etc. We can also provide you with LIVE counters.

While we will help you decide on the menu for your occasion, all we need from you is a minimum order of 20 meals or more, your choice of cuisine, the number of courses of meals and any other information you think we ought to know and we ensure you a healthylicious culinary experience.

Kindly call us on 022 6060 0201 / 0204 or email us at info@foodizm.in to get more info on our service.

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